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The actor automatically sends an email to a specific address. This actor is useful for notifications and reporting. With only 3 lines of javascript code, you'll be on top of your scraping actors and never miss important results or issues.

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email does not get sent to second address


jumpy_teeth opened this issue
5 months ago

Hi I used the ' send email' api. It only works when I enter one email in the : "properties": { "to": { "title": "To", "type": "string", "description": "," }, "cc": { "title": "Copy", "type": "string", "description": "Email BCC same format as to."

the email does not get sent to the second address. I also tried inputting it in the cc description string but also without success.

Another thing that I did not manage to get right (after many failed attempts) is sending a mail to my slack channel. Slack gave a channel address. But emails do not arrive there. (only tried as second email address) A direct mail to the address given by slack arrives without problems in the channel.

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Thanks for the report. As one error message suggests, as a free user you can only send email to one recipient and it must be the same email as you have registered here. This is to prevent spam.

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