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Send Email


Sends an email to a specific address. This actor is useful for notifications and reporting.

Apify Send Mail

Apify actor to send mail.



    // Email address of the recipient(s) (e.g. "Apify <>")
    // Required
    to: String,
    // Email CC same format as to
    // Required
    cc: String
    // Email BCC same format as to
    bcc: String
    // Email subject
    // Required
    subject: String,
    // Text body of Email
    // Required
    text: String,
    // Email attachments
    attachments: [Object]


  • to - Email address of the recipient(s), you can comma-separate multiple addresses (e.g. "Apify" or ",")
  • cc - Email CC same format as to
  • bcc - Email BCC same format as to
  • subject - Email subject
  • text - Text body of Email
  • html - HTML body of Email
  • replyTo - Email address which will be set when recipient will try to reply to mail. (Uses header Reply-To see doc)
  • attachments - array of attachments in base64 string, example:
      // attachment file name
      filename: String,
      // attachment content in base64 string
      data: String


From other Apify actor

await'apify/send-mail', {
    to: '',
    subject: 'Test from act',
    text: "Email text",
    attachments: [{
        filename: 'test.txt',
        data: 'dGVzdCBzZmFzZGFzZGFzZGFzZA'

From Apify Crawler finish webhook [Deprecated]

For a specific crawler set the following parameters:

Finish webhook URL (finishWebhookUrl) You can find your API token on your Apify account page.

Finish webhook data (finishWebhookData)

    "to": "",
    "subject": "Test from crawler",
    "text": "Text",
    "html": "<p>Text</p>"