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The actor automatically sends an email to a specific address. This actor is useful for notifications and reporting. With only 3 lines of javascript code, you'll be on top of your scraping actors and never miss important results or issues.

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Fails to email


farsteer opened this issue
a year ago

My free actor fails to understand email most of the time saying I can only email myself with a free account. I am emailing the exact addresss I have on file for me! Thats why it sometimes works! Wth. Lol

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Hi, thanks for reporting this and apologies for the inconvenience. I looked into your account, and the email address in your profile starts with lowercase b, but the address you have in your send-mail runs input starts with uppercase B, so the addresses are considered different.
For now, you can easily resolve this by starting your runs with the exactly same address as you can see in Settings.

However, I understand that this can be confusing, and we will evaluate if we will change the detection logic to ignore case. To explain why we don't change this immediately, is not 100% safe change: according to the specification, and are different addresses, but most providers ignore letter case to make users' life easier, and we will likely do the same.

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