Slack Message Generator

This actor sends messages to Slack automatically. It can be used instead of email notifications and is ideal to combine with other actors monitoring successful runs, errors, etc.

This actor sends message to Slack automatically. It can be used separately, or as a notificaton tool at the end of other actors. For example, you can set automated invoice downloading from by Toggl Invoice Download and at the end, let this actor alerts you on dedicated Slack channel that everythings went well and the invoice is on Dropbox.


The following table shows specification of the actor INPUT fields as defined by its input schema.

Field Type Description
Token String (required) Slack token
Message String (required) Message that will be sent to Slack (i.e. "Hello from Apify actor!" ).
Channel String (required) Channel where the message will be sent (i.e. "#general" ).
Thread ID String The ID of another un-threaded message to reply to. You can find this information under the ts key in the actor output.
Blocks Array An array of layout blocks. For more info see the Slack blocks documentation.

How to run

To run the actor, you'll need an Apify account. Simply create a new task for the actor by clicking the green button above, modify the actor input configuration, click Run and get your results. To get the Slack token, please follow the instructions on Slack help center).


To run the actor from your code, send a HTTP POST request to the following API endpoint:<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

CU usage

Approximately 0.001 CU per run.


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