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Crawls arbitrary websites using the Chrome browser and extracts data from pages using a provided JavaScript code. The actor supports both recursive crawling and lists of URLs and automatically manages concurrency for maximum performance. This is Apify's basic tool for web crawling and scraping.

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Crawling not working well


agat opened this issue
3 months ago

I attempted to crawl the website https://jcyared.com, setting the maximum number of pages per crawl (maxPagesPerCrawl parameter) to 20. However, I only managed to retrieve 2 pages. Could someone explain why this might have occurred?

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there are two problems in your input:

  • you set maxCrawlingDepth to 0, which means nothing nested will be enqueued
  • you set the globs to https://jcyared.com/* which means no nesting as well (as this accepts https://jcyared.com/foo but not https://jcyared.com/foo/bar), you want https://jcyared.com/** to allow multiple slashes in the URL path

The second one is the important bit. Here is a run with those two fixed, which seems to work as expected (I've aborted it after a few minutes but it went through more than 40 pages already):


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