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Fast Google News Scraper

Fast Google News Scraper

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3 days trial then $10.00/month - No credit card required now

Extract details from Google News articles, such as images, titles, links, and other relevant information.

The Google News Scraper is a script designed to scrape Google News for each provided keyword and extract valuable data from the articles. This data includes:

  • Image: Image of the article - This is a visual representation of the news article.
  • Keyword: The specific keyword used to search for news articles.
  • Title: The headline or title of the news article.
  • Author: The author of the article. If the author is not available, it will default to null.
  • Source: The news organization or source where the article was published.
  • Published: The date and time when the article was published.
  • Link: The direct URL link to the news article.


The Google News Scraper offers the following features:

  • Keyword Customization: Customize your news searches by using specific keywords. This helps you find articles that match your interests.
  • Filter Dates: Easily Stay updated on Google News by choosing specific timeframes, ranging from hours to years. If "1h" or "1d" is selected, the extraction is based on the actual article's published date, not the Google News published date.
  • No Usage Restrictions: Enjoy unlimited access to Google News data. There are no limits or usage.
  • Language & Region: You can adjust the language settings to match your preferences and target regions within Google News.


  • Build 0.0.23:
    • Optimized code and removed unused dependencies, resulting in a significantly reduced memory (RAM) footprint.
  • Build 0.0.27:
    • Added Article News Domain
  • Build 0.0.29:
    • This build significantly improves performance.

Sample Input

2    "keywords": [
3        "renewable energy",
4        "environment",
5        "climate change"
6    ],
7    "maxItems": 100,
8    "dateTime": "1d"

Sample Ouput:

2  "keyword": "renewable energy",
3  "title": "Alberta to ban some renewable energy projects, greens say move is 'uncertainty bomb'",
4  "link": "",
5  "author": "David Ljunggren",
6  "source": "Reuters Canada",
7  "published": "2024-02-28T20:53:00Z",
8  "domain": "",
9  "image": ""
12  "keyword": "environment",
13  "title": "A sad day for human rights, the environment and the competitiveness of European businesses.",
14  "link": "",
15  "author": "Guendalina De Sario",
16  "source": "Greens/EFA",
17  "published": "2024-02-28T18:33:40Z",
18  "domain": "",
19  "image": ""
22  "keyword": "climate change",
23  "title": "The False Promise of Carbon Capture as a Climate Solution",
24  "link": "",
25  "author": "Naomi Oreskes",
26  "source": "Scientific American",
27  "published": "2024-02-29T04:33:01Z",
28  "domain": "",
29  "image": ""
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