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Super Fast Google News Scraper
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Super Fast Google News Scraper

Super Fast Google News Scraper

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3 days trial then $10.00/month - No credit card required now

Experience the fast and efficient Google News scraper! It can extract a large amount of items in seconds and requires only 256 MB of RAM to run.

Search keyword


The keyword used to search for news articles.

Language and region


Select your language and region pair.

Value options:

"US:en": string"SK:sk": string"AU:en": string"BW:en": string"CA:en": string"ET:en": string"GH:en": string"IN:en": string"ID:en": string"IE:en": string"IL:en": string"KE:en": string"LV:en": string"MY:en": string"NA:en": string"NZ:en": string"NG:en": string"PK:en": string"PH:en": string"SG:en": string"ZA:en": string"TZ:en": string"UG:en": string"GB:en": string"ZW:en": string"ID:id": string"CZ:cs": string"DE:de": string"AT:de": string"CH:de": string"AR:es-419": string"CL:es-419": string"CO:es-419": string"CU:es-419": string"ES:es": string"US:es-419": string"MX:es-419": string"PE:es-419": string"VE:es-419": string"BE:fr": string"CA:fr": string"FR:fr": string"MA:fr": string"SN:fr": string"CH:fr": string"IT:it": string"LV:lv": string"LT:lt": string"HU:hu": string"BE:nl": string"NL:nl": string"NO:no": string"PL:pl": string"BR:pt-419": string"PT:pt-150": string"RO:ro": string"SI:sl": string"SE:sv": string"VN:vi": string"TR:tr": string"GR:el": string"BG:bg": string"RU:ru": string"UA:ru": string"RS:sr": string"UA:uk": string"IL:he": string"AE:ar": string"SA:ar": string"LB:ar": string"EG:ar": string"IN:mr": string"IN:hi": string"BD:bn": string"IN:bn": string"IN:ta": string"IN:te": string"IN:ml": string"TH:th": string"CN:zh-Hans": string"TW:zh-Hant": string"HK:zh-Hant": string"JP:ja": string"KR:ko": string

Default value of this property is "US:en"

Max items


Set the maximum number of items you want to scrape for each keyword. If you leave this field unset, the actor will extract all available news.

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