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Task Metrics


This actor provides basic metrics for each run of a given actor: Duration, ItemCount, Items Per Compute Unit, and Items Per Minute. The data can be exported for analysis.

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This actor provides basic metrics for each task run for a given actor. The Actor will find all of your tasks limited by the input filter.

input / filter

You can filter data based on: last-day, last-month or this-month

metric data

const metrix = {
                actId: runInfo.actId,
                actorTaskId: runInfo.actorTaskId,
                startedAt: runInfo.startedAt,
                finishedAt: runInfo.finishedAt,
                status: runInfo.status,
                memAvgMbytes: (runInfo.stats.memAvgBytes / (1024 * 1024)).toFixed(2),
                memMaxMbytes: (runInfo.stats.memMaxBytes / (1024 * 1024)).toFixed(2),
                cpuAvgUsage: runInfo.stats.cpuAvgUsage.toFixed(2),
                cpuMaxUsage: runInfo.stats.cpuMaxUsage.toFixed(2),
                runTimeMinutes: (runInfo.stats.runTimeSecs / 60).toFixed(2),
                computeUnits: runInfo.stats.computeUnits.toFixed(2),
                memoryMbytes: runInfo.options.memoryMbytes.toFixed(2),
                defaultDatasetId: runInfo.defaultDatasetId,
                itemCount: itemCount,
                itemsPerMinute: itemsPerMinute.toFixed(2),
                ItemsPerCU: ItemsPerCU.toFixed(2)


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