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Telegram Groups/Channel Member Scraper
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Telegram Groups/Channel Member Scraper

Telegram Groups/Channel Member Scraper

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1 day trial then $10.00/month - No credit card required now

Telegram Groups/Channel Member Scraper - Scrap Telegram Groups/Channel- Scrap hidden member from chat history and member list.

Telegram Group member Scraper

Telegram Group member Scraper bot is useful software for scrap all group /channel members by chat history.


鉃★笍 Scrap Telegram Group/Channel members from member tab and also from chathistory so you can extract members from hidden group

鉃★笍 User official telegram api for fetch

鉃★笍 Software will scrap below information

1鉃★笍 Telegram user id
3 鉃★笍 Telegram user name
5 鉃★笍 Telegram  User Hash
7 鉃★笍 Telegram First Name
9 鉃★笍 Telegram  Last Name

How to use

鉃★笍 Click on 'Try for free' button

鉃★笍 Go to 'Input' tab and Fill all input field data Target Group- add Target Group/channel full name

鉃★笍 Put Target Group Name

鉃★笍 Telegram Auth Token- First Time you need to login via QR code , then after copy Auth Token and paste here so that no need to rescan again QR code.

鉃★笍 Click on 'Save and start' button

鉃★笍 Go to 'log' tab to scan the QR code to authenticate the actor with telegram

鉃★笍 Open telegram app on your device.

鉃★笍 Go to Telegram menu -> Settings -> Devices and click on 'Add device' button and scan the QR code

鉃★笍 After Successfull authentication, All Group members data will display on output tab

鉃★笍 You can check our live video on Youtube

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