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Telegram Channel Scraper

Telegram Channel Scraper

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Telegram channel Scraper for getting public messages without login, phone number, or Telegram app. In the message supported forward and telegram reply URLs.

Free Telegram channel Scraper designed to get messages from public channels. In the channel, messages are numbered by auto-increment from 1. You need to specify range of message IDs as from-to numbers and actor will try to get them. If you not sure what is the last posted ID start from small initial range i.e. from 10 to 20 and expand it based on run results. Some messages might not be available without Telegram app and actor will skip them with warning in logs.

Input example

2    "channels": ["mediumcom"],
3    "postsFrom": 10,
4    "postsTo": 20

Output example

2	"id": 18,
3	"channelName": "mediumcom",
4	"authorName": "Medium /",
5	"authorTelegram": "",
6	"date": "2018-03-02T12:24:33+00:00",
7	"viewsCount": "15",
8	"text": "",
9	"linkPreview": "Thrive Global\n  \n  “Look For People Who Need You Instead Of Convincing People Who Don’t Need You To Work With You” Words Of Wisdom With Mandy Morris\n  “Look for people who are looking/need you instead of convincing people who don’t need you to work with you — you can’t please everyone, so…"
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