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BuiltWith (Bulk URLs)

BuiltWith (Bulk URLs)

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Find out what websites are Built With (technology looker). It's fast and costs little.


  • Get Technology Profile

  • Get Company Profile (under work)

How it works.

  1. Enter the website(s) to be analyzed (e.g., apify.com).

  2. Select a process to run (e.g., Get Technology Profile).

  3. Run it! 馃帀

About concurrency

Set the "Maximum concurrent requests" parameter to define how many requests will be sent to BuiltWith in parallel.

Additionally, there is a limit of requests per minute set by the "Concurrency coefficient".

E.g., reaching 25 requests (maximum requests 5 * coefficient 5) within a minute will pause the actor for the remaining of the 60 seconds.

The higher the maximum and coefficient, the more chances you are to be blocked.


馃洃 Always use a high-quality or custom proxy and set a reasonable waiting time.

Otherwise, running this actor against a high number of websites will likely get you blocked.

Open a new issue for bugs. Please share your Run URL.


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