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Understanding cofiguration "pages" and scraping by date or server


mquixalm opened this issue
2 months ago

I run three times the actor with the same keyword/tag "lehrerzimmer", but I did not quite understand why it gave different results in one of them. I run it once with a limit of ten pages, then without limits and another one with 100 pages. The first two found aprox. 350 and 70 results respectively. The last one found nothing. I don't understand this.

Another thing I would like to know. Is there a possibility to let the actor know between what dates should the posts be scraped and from which mastodon server they should be scraped?

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Thanks for the report! The bug where the run returns nothing is now fixed.

Mastodon is still a fairly new product and does not provide the capability to filter through dates yet.

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