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Spyfu (Bulk URLs)

Spyfu (Bulk URLs)

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Get the most valuable and successful keywords, top ads, domain statistics and top competitors from Spyfu public data. It's fast and costs little.


  • Get Top Competitors 馃弳

  • Get Most Valuable Keywords

  • Get Most Successful Keywords

  • Get Newly Ranked Keywords

  • Get Top Ads

  • Get Domain Statistics

How it works.

  1. Enter the list of website URL to be analyzed.

  2. Set the default country (optional).

  3. Select the process to run (e.g., Get Top Competitors).

  4. Run it! 馃帀

In the output, the "Origin" JSON Key refers to the Start URL.


Open a new issue with the URL of the run. Always use a proxy (e.g., residential).

This only returns publicly available data from Spyfu.


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