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TikTok Comments Scraper
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TikTok Comments Scraper

TikTok Comments Scraper

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7 days trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

Extract TikTok comments. Just add a TikTok URL and get TikTok video and profile data: comments, URLs, numbers of shares, followers, hashtags, hearts, video, and music metadata. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

Direct URL(s) for scraping specific video(s)


Add the URLs of posted videos you want to scrape. You can enter URLs one by one, or you can edit it in bulk.

Max comments per post (over 500 can be slow)


The number of comments that will be scraped from every scraped result. This can potentially scrape all comments, but it can also be slow for thousands per post.

Default value of this property is 100

Max replies per comment (slow)


How many (at most) replies you want from a comment. NOTE: it is currently not guaranteed that the scraper will manage to scrape ALL the desired replies. By default no replies are scraped.

Default value of this property is 0

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  • 212 monthly users
  • 99.4% runs succeeded
  • 5.7 days response time
  • Created in Feb 2023
  • Modified about 2 hours ago