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Costly looping error while running actor


cerulean_pepper opened this issue
a month ago

Every now and then, I get an error that loops essentially indefinitely: Puppeteer Utils: An error occurred during the script injection! It's causing a huge delay which in return results in much higher costs.

For the tests I was doing, the average actor running time was about 1.5 hours before completion. But one of my runs took 3.25 hours before I manually aborted it due to the said erroring.

In my setup, I will be running lots of instances of this actor (programmatically), so I really need a solution for the problem I'm having. Obviously calculating / estimating an acceptable timeout based on my use-case is probably a good idea- but I'd much prefer to have the underlying problem solved.

@developer(s), please see the actor run URL provided for logs

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Hi, thanks for the report. Looks like the actor got stuck after the reset. This happens from time to time and we haven't figured out the cause yet. We'll look more into it.

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