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Twitter followers scraper

Twitter followers scraper

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vive opened this issue
7 months ago

The scraper works great. Thank you for building it.

I'm planning to scrape my Twitter followers every day.

So the actor will run on schedule (Say daily 9 AM)

The only issue is it scrapes the same set of followers.

I wanted it to scrape from where it left yesterday... So everyday it will scrape new followers.

I see there is an option to send cursor input to the actor but not sure how it will work?

Do we need to give the twitter name or what should we give as input to that?

If you can share some example that would be awesome.


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Hi, this can be done by using same storage for all runs, But this feature is not available now, I will add it soon and update it here. Until then will keep this issue open

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Hi! added key value store id input option to the actor. You can now schedule this actor with same storage id so that it continues from last point. Use timeout option instead of count option to limit the number profiles scraped per day if you are planning to schedule it.

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