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Advanced Bing Scraper

Advanced Bing Scraper

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7 days trial then $5.99/month - No credit card required now

Harness the power of our Advanced Bing Scraper to extract accurate and up-to-date search results from Bing quickly. Ideal for market research, SEO analysis, and competitive intelligence. Supports global Bing domains.

Search queries or URLs


Bing Search queries (e.g. food in NYC) and/or full URLs (e.g. Enter one item per field.

Results per page


Number of search results per page. By default, Bing Search returns 10 results. The allowed values are between 1 and 100.

Default value of this property is 10

Max pages per query


The maximum number of search result pages crawled for each search query or URL. Note that a value greater than one might significantly slow down the actor.

Default value of this property is 1

Market Code


Bing Search returns content for set market.

Value options:

"en-US": string"en-GB": string"es-AR": string"en-AU": string"de-AT": string"nl-BE": string"fr-BE": string"pt-BR": string"en-CA": string"fr-CA": string"es-CL": string"da-DK": string"fi-FI": string"fr-FR": string"de-DE": string"zh-HK": string"en-IN": string"en-ID": string"it-IT": string"ja-JP": string"ko-KR": string"en-MY": string"es-MX": string"nl-NL": string"en-NZ": string"no-NO": string"zh-CN": string"pl-PL": string"en-PH": string"ru-RU": string"en-ZA": string"es-ES": string"sv-SE": string"fr-CH": string"de-CH": string"zh-TW": string"tr-TR": string"es-US": string



Language for the search results.

Value options:

"en": string"en-gb": string"ar": string"eu": string"bn": string"bg": string"ca": string"zh-hans": string"zh-hant": string"hr": string"cs": string"da": string"nl": string"et": string"fi": string"fr": string"gl": string"de": string"gu": string"he": string"hi": string"hu": string"is": string"it": string"jp": string"kn": string"ko": string"lv": string"lt": string"ms": string"ml": string"mr": string"nb": string"pl": string"pt-br": string"pt-pt": string"pa": string"ro": string"ru": string"sr": string"sk": string"sl": string"es": string"sv": string"ta": string"te": string"th": string"tr": string"uk": string"vi": string

CSV friendliness


Remove results that are not CSV friendly.

Default value of this property is false

Set up your proxy configuration


Automatic proxy and the country of your choice is usually the best option, but you can also select specific proxies, or use your own custom proxies.

Max concurrency


The maximum number of search results pages the crawler will load in parallel. A higher number means you will get your results faster, but also it will burn through your available proxies quicker.

Default value of this property is 10

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