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Advanced Product Hunt Scraper

Advanced Product Hunt Scraper

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3 days trial then $15.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape product hunt "Top Products Launching Today" section. Actor crawls products and extracts information about the product: title, description, categories, images, maker info with contact links and website info with raw text and email. Export scraped datasets in JSON, csv, etc. Run via API.

What is product hunt scraper tool?

It's a tool that allows to extract launches with information from Product Hunt and enhance the results with available contact details such as email addresses and links of the maker.

To get the data, just run Product Hunt Crawler and click "Save & Start" button. With this scraping tool, you can:

Output example

Once the scraper collects data for the first event, you'll see an output visualization on Apify platform. The output will look similar to the following example:

Example of the output

Take a look at JSON to see full output

What data can be extracted from listing?

πŸ“ˆ Extract main information from product hunt product's launches, such as name, short description, description, amount of upvotes

πŸ“© Extract website url and YouTube url

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Extract information about the maker including available links in his/her profile

β˜„οΈ Extract all listings in "Top Products Launching Today" section

πŸ’Ώ Extract product's website raw text and email address (if exists)

⬇️ Download information in Excel, CSV, JSON, and other formats

What business data can I extract from Product hunt?

With this Product Hunt API, you will be able to extract the following information for all products launching today:

✍️ Name, description and # upvotesπŸ“₯ Raw text and email from website
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Maker information with linksπŸŒ† Images
πŸ’Ώ Youtube video urlπŸ“± Categories

How much listings can be scraped?

Usually, it is about 50-120 listing per day. Scraper starts at that url: and crawls all products in section "Top Products Launching Today".


You can choose whether you want to scrape makers and website information.

2    "scrapeMakers": true,
3    "scrapeWebsite": true

Output JSON example

You can of course export all extracted events to the format of your choice for easy postprocessing. We support JSON, CSV, XML, RSS, HTML Table, JSONL and Excel. Here's an excerpt from the JSON dataset you'd get:

2        "date": "2024-03-03T07:01:04.257Z",
3        "url": "",
4        "title": "Digital Creators' Hub - Content hub & idea discovery engine for digital creators | Product Hunt",
5        "name": "Digital Creators' Hub",
6        "shortDescription": "Content hub & idea discovery engine for digital creators",
7        "description": "Easily discover great ideas, shareable content and free resources in pre-curated topics like AI, digital marketing, Notion, web design, SEO, and more!",
8        "categories": [
9            "Marketing",
10            "Tech",
11            "Search"
12        ],
13        "maker": {
14            "makerHref": "",
15            "name": "Clifford Tan",
16            "slug": "@clifftky",
17            "title": "Clifford Tan's profile on Product Hunt | Product Hunt",
18            "url": "",
19            "links": [
20                "",
21                ""
22            ],
23            "aboutText": "πŸ‘‹ I'm a creator of web apps, notion templates and productivity hacks."
24        },
25        "websiteUrl": "",
26        "images": [
27            "",
28            "",
29            "",
30            "",
31            ""
32        ],
33        "upvotes": 57,
34        "website": {
35            "title": "Digital Creators' Hub",
36            "url": "",
37            "email": "",
38            "websiteRawText": " Welcome to the hub for Digital CreatorsEasily discover great ideas shareable content and free resources in precurated topics like AI digital marketing Notion web design SEO and moreStart Exploring Why Digital Creators HubAre you an indie hacker content writer web developer Notion creator AI prompt engineer Canva designer eBook creatorStruggling with ideas or content to make your next great product or run your next marketing campaignDCH is here to helpWe curate useful resources from the web and put them into areas of interest for you the creator Web DesignDiscover web design tools and inspiration all in one placeExplore Web DesignAILearn and use AI tools to run your business efficientlyExplore AIMarketingSharing great content and build an audience for your businessExplore MarketingNotionTemplates databases formulas and more This is your spot for NotionExplore Notion Have a great resource to shareDM me to have your resource includedDM CliffMade with  by CliffTermsPrivacy DCH 2024"
39        }
40    }]


It is better to run/schedule a scraper at 23:00 PST time, because at 00:01 PST starts new day at product hunt. That way you will get most information for the current day.

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