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Extract data from any website and feed it into GPT via the OpenAI API. Use ChatGPT to proofread content, analyze sentiment, summarize reviews, extract contact details, and much more.

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Their is a problem with the prompt


RR-AB opened this issue
4 months ago

it says that their is a problem with the prompt. But that is not right.. Now is the maximum output around the 50...

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Hi, thanks a lot for reporting this! We've just updated the Actor to handle this error properly ;)

In your case the page "" has a few images, that have their raw data directly in the HTML file. OpenAI (chat GPT) is throwing the error as most of the input prompt is just the raw image data, not the actual page.

Since todays update, the Actor won't fail anymore, but the page still won't be processed with GPT. To fix this, you can add a simple CSS selector to the removeElementsCssSelector input option - img[src^="data:image/png;"] This should remove the images from the page and be processed by GPT ;)

Try it out and let me know how it works, thanks!

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