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Auto GPT

Auto GPT

Try for free

Pay $50.00 for 1,000 iterations

Run Auto GPT sessions directly on Apify. No OpenAI account or API token is required! Store parsed thoughts into datasets for later analysis.


Auto GPT is very new and very experimental tool. It usually doesn't do exactly what you would expect and it is mostly for fun and exploration. This actor is a super early experimental runtime environment for Auto GPT. Use it at your own risk.

Pricing & OpenAI token

This actor doesn't require your OpenAI API token. Instead, you are billed from credits on the Apify Platform per result. Each result usually represents one API call to the OpenAI API.

Interacting with Auto GPT

This actor tries to replicate the command line experience of Auto GPT. You interact with the running actor via the Live View tab the same way you would interact with the command line version. The thoughts are stored to a dataset and you can download them as JSON or CSV anytime later.

If you want to finish the session, just abort the run.

The actor currently doesn't remember its state between sessions.

Output example

Each result is a representation of Auto GPT's thought process in one iteration.

2	"reasoning": "Browsing a website is a good way to gather data and get a sense of what we're dealing with. It will also help us determine which data we need to extract and how to structure our web scraping solution.",
3	"plan": [
4		"Browse the website",
5		"Analyze the data",
6		"Determine which data to extract",
7		"Develop a web scraping solution",
8		"Continuously monitor and optimize the web scraping process"
9	],
10	"criticism": "I need to be careful not to get sidetracked by irrelevant information while browsing the website. I also need to ensure that I am complying with all relevant laws and regulations related to web scraping and data privacy.",
11	"nextAction": {
12		"command": "browse_website",
13		"arguments": "{'url': '', 'question': 'What is the website about?'}"
14	}
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