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Simple Booking Scraper

Simple Booking Scraper

Try for free

3 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape Booking with this free hotels scraper and get data about accommodation on You can crawl by keywords or URLs for hotel prices, ratings, reviews, stars, and scrape data from

Simple Booking Scraper allows you to scrape hotel data from, one of the best-known platforms for hotels, apartments, resorts, villas, and other types of accommodation worldwide.

Our scraper is capable of extracting data such as:

  • Hotel names and locations

  • Availability

  • Check-in and check-out times

  • Room types

  • Prices

  • Reviews

For more ideas on how to use data extracted from, check out our industries pages which describe at least 12 ways of how web scraping data is used across the projects and businesses of various scale and direction, specifically in the area of retail and e-commerce.

Cost of usage

  • 1 compute unit for 1,000 results with no details
  • 10 compute units for 1,000 results with detailed information

That means that Booking Scraper will cost you $0.25-2.50 for 1,000 results, depending on how much detailed data you need to collect.. If you’re not sure how much CUs you have left on your plan and whether you might need to upgrade, you can always check your limits in the Settings -> Usage and Billing tab in your Console. The easiest way to know how many CUs you will need is to perform a test run.

Input Parameters

This actor will need only two settings from you - a link and a proxy:

  • startUrls (required): List of Request objects, specifying the search queries/categories you want to scrape. The URL can be any search/category page on
  • maxPages (required): Limit of pages to be scraped.
  • proxyConfiguration (required): Specifies the proxy settings used while running the actor. When running this actor on the platform, the proxy setting must always be set on. The default value is { "useApifyProxy": true }


2    "maxPages": 10,
3    "proxyConfig": {
4        "useApifyProxy": true,
5        "apifyProxyGroups": [
6            "RESIDENTIAL"
7        ],
8        "apifyProxyCountry": "VN"
9    },
10    "startUrls": [
11        {
12            "url": ""
13        }
14    ]

The actor will not work without a residential proxy. There could be a slight difference in price depending on the type of proxy you use.


After the Simple Booking Scraper finishes the scraping run, it will store the scraped results in a dataset and show them to you as output results. The results can be downloaded in various formats. may return some suggested hotels outside of the expected city/region as a recommendation. The scraper will return all of them in the data results, so you may get more results than your search.

Output example:

2  "url": "",
3  "name": "Vacances House",
4  "description": "Set in Da Lat, 4 km from Truc Lam Temple, Vacances House offers accommodation with a garden, free private parking and a terrace. Among the facilities at this property are room service and a 24-hour front desk, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The property is non-smoking and is situated 4 km from Tuyen Lam Lake.\n\nAt the hotel, all rooms have a desk, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, bed linen and towels. Vacances House features some units that feature a balcony, and rooms include a kettle. All guest rooms have a wardrobe.\n\nLam Vien Square is 4.1 km from the accommodation, while Xuan Huong Lake is 4.3 km from the property. The nearest airport is Lien Khuong Airport, 28 km from Vacances House.",
5  "rated": null,
6  "stars": null,
7  "rooms": [
8    {
9      "available": true,
10      "roomType": "Double Room",
11      "bedType": "5 large double beds and 1 futon bed",
12      "persons": 10,
13      "price": 900,
14      "currency": "VND ",
15      "features": [
16        "15 m²",
17        "Mountain view",
18        "Private bathroom",
19        "Flat-screen TV",
20        "Free WiFi",
21        "Free toiletries",
22        "Shower",
23        "Bidet",
24        "Toilet",
25        "Towels",
26        "Linen",
27        "Desk",
28        "Slippers",
29        "Tea/Coffee maker",
30        "Microwave",
31        "Hairdryer",
32        "Fan",
33        "Electric kettle",
34        "Wardrobe or closet",
35        "Dining area",
36        "Dining table",
37        "Clothes rack",
38        "Toilet paper"
39      ]
40    },
41    {
42      "available": true,
43      "roomType": "Double Room with Mountain View",
44      "bedType": "5 extra-large double beds",
45      "persons": 10,
46      "price": 1.5,
47      "currency": "VND ",
48      "features": [
49        "Balcony",
50        "Mountain view",
51        "Air conditioning",
52        "Private bathroom",
53        "Flat-screen TV",
54        "Terrace",
55        "Free WiFi",
56        "Free toiletries",
57        "Shower",
58        "Bidet",
59        "Toilet",
60        "Towels",
61        "Linen",
62        "Desk",
63        "Slippers",
64        "Tea/Coffee maker",
65        "Microwave",
66        "Hairdryer",
67        "Fan",
68        "Electric kettle",
69        "Wake-up service",
70        "Wardrobe or closet",
71        "Dining area",
72        "Dining table",
73        "Clothes rack",
74        "Toilet paper",
75        "More"
76      ]
77    }
78  ],
79  "checkInInfo": "From 12:00 to 14:00",
80  "checkOutInfo": "From 10:00 to 13:00",
81  "rating": null,
82  "reviewCount": null,
83  "address": {
84    "full": "Đường Nguyễn Trung Trực Lô 58 khu quy hoạch Thái Lâm, Da Lat, Vietnam",
85    "postalCode": "",
86    "street": "Đường Nguyễn Trung Trực Lô 58 khu quy hoạch Thái Lâm",
87    "country": "Vietnam",
88    "region": "Lam Dong"
89  },
90  "location": {
91    "lat": "11.9290799",
92    "lng": "108.4354716"
93  },
94  "image": "",
95  "images": [
96    "",
97    "",
98    "",
99    "",
100    "",
101    "",
102    "",
103    "",
104    "",
105    ""
106  ]

Note that the search results may vary if you're executing scraping from different locations. We recommend to use the proxies for the best scraping results from the same location.

Proxy usage

This actor, as many scrapers in the retail industry, will require you to use Proxy servers to function properly. We don't recommend running it on a free account for more complicated tasks than getting a sample of results. If you are planning to run this scraper for getting more than a few results, subscribing to the Apify platform will provide you with access to a large pool of proxies.

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