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Effortlessly extract valuable company information, financial projections, industry insights, and more from the extensive Dun & Bradstreet commercial database. Dive deep into the D&B Data Cloud, Business Directory, articles, companies, and industries with customized search terms.

Start URLs


URLs to start with

Maximum number of items


Maximum number of items that you want as output. Default is all



Select the mode that you want to initiate the actor

Value options:

"COMPANIES": string"ARTICLES": string"INDUSTRIES": string

Default value of this property is "COMPANIES"


The keyword that you want to search on. Eg: 'Medical'



The country that you want to filter companies by. Eg: 'United States'

Value options:

"all": string"us": string"in": string"cn": string"gb": string"jp": string"br": string"au": string"kr": string"ca": string"za": string"hk": string"kz": string"my": string"it": string"ae": string"fr": string"vn": string"nl": string"th": string"pl": string"es": string"nz": string"tw": string"sg": string"ph": string"de": string"ng": string"ro": string"sa": string"uz": string"il": string"jm": string"ie": string"ke": string"ec": string"co": string"eg": string"cz": string"be": string"bg": string"pe": string"mx": string"cl": string"id": string"se": string"rs": string"bh": string"bs": string"fi": string"hu": string"ma": string"ch": string"cy": string"gr": string"tz": string"ru": string"sk": string"pt": string"ua": string"lb": string"bb": string"dk": string"no": string"tr": string"pk": string"do": string"om": string"pa": string"kw": string"bw": string"mu": string"cr": string"af": string"ag": string"me": string"qa": string"at": string"gh": string"hr": string"lv": string"md": string"mt": string"bz": string"dz": string"ar": string"dm": string"bo": string"lt": string"tn": string"ve": string"vg": string"bd": string"ee": string"gp": string"lk": string"mo": string"ba": string"cw": string"is": string"kg": string"na": string"aw": string"gu": string"ir": string"lu": string"cd": string"cm": string"gt": string"ky": string"mm": string"np": string"re": string"si": string"sz": string"uy": string"ai": string"az": string"bj": string"bm": string"bn": string"ci": string"et": string"gi": string"hn": string"iq": string"jo": string"kh": string"ly": string"mk": string"mp": string"mq": string"mw": string"pf": string"sb": string"sc": string"sv": string"ug": string"zw": string

Default value of this property is "all"

Extend output function


A function which result will get merged with the default result

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler.

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