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Twitter Profile Scraper

Twitter Profile Scraper

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3 days trial then $10.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape any Twitter profile of any user. Extract tweets, replies, favorites, retweets, conversation threads and many more without any limit. Gather user related information such as verification, location, profile image, friends, followers, following and much more! No limits on Twitter!

Start URLs


URLs to start with. It should be a Twitter Profile url

Maximum tweets per user on output


Maximum number of tweets that you want as output per user.

Only get the User Information


This option enables you to retrieve only user information and not the tweets of that user.

Default value of this property is false

Adds a field for the not found users. (Only works when onlyUserInfo is enabled)


Appends an object to the output where the users are not found. It will work only the 'Only User Info' option is enabled.

Default value of this property is false

Append User Information


Appends an object to each tweet containing the user information. You can decrease the size of your dataset by turning this off.

Default value of this property is true

Custom map function


Function that takes each of the objects as argument and returns data that will be mapped by the function itself.

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler.

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