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Can i get an example for output function in Walmart scrapper, I was not able to find a right documentation for that


edgy_tiger opened this issue
2 years ago

I Didn't receive any help with regards to my request please check and help me out

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epctex (epctex)

2 years ago

Hey Karthik,

I added some documentation under the Readme/Info section of the actor. Can you please check it out and let me know if that is applicable for you?




2 years ago

Hello Cengiz,

object) => ({ id:, name: })

Does "Id" and "name" in the following example describe the column names of the expected output ? If yes

Do we have a way to select the elements just as we use it in results Tab

($) => { const result = {}; // Uncomment to add a title to the output result.Prodname = $("h1").text() result.ProductPrice = $("[itemprop='price']").text()

return result;

And adding to the following context how to extract 'src' or 'href' attributes i tried .src() and src which was throwing error

Thanks in advance Apologies if I am wrong with any context

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