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Amazon Reviews Scraper

Amazon Reviews Scraper

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14 days trial then $40.00/month - No credit card required now

Amazon scraper to extract reviews from Amazon products. Scrape and download detailed reviews without using the Amazon API, including rating score, review description, reactions and images. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML.

What is Amazon Reviews Scraper and how does it work?

Amazon Reviews Scraper is a web scraping tool that enables you to extract product reviews from Amazon by using product URLs.

Insert the URL of an Amazon product in the product URLs input field, start the scraper, and then download the data from the output tab. You can also limit the maximum number of reviews you want to extract for a shorter run. If you want to scrape all reviews, just leave the 'Max Reviews` option blank. Also, remember that Amazon Reviews Scraper only scrapes ratings with text reviews, so you typically won't get the same number of results as Amazon shows for the total number of ratings.

NOTE: You usually get great results using the automatic proxy (which is set by default) but if you want to be 100% sure, residential proxies return results more stably.

Why scrape Amazon product reviews?

Scraping Amazon reviews can help you to:

  • monitor the most commonly used rating score and analyze the quality of the reviewed products.
  • discover the most helpful reviews and use their content for product comparison and recommendation.
  • fine-tune your advertising and messaging.
  • sort reviews by date or place to evaluate the product's reach.
  • filter verified-only reviews.
  • collect product images taken directly from the users to compare them with advertisement images.

For more inspiration, check out how web scraping is transforming e-commerce analytics.

How many results can you scrape with Amazon Reviews Scraper?

Amazon Reviews Scraper can return a maximum of 100 results per star rating, so in the best-case scenario (the product has at least a hundred reviews per star) you get 500 reviews per product. However, you have to keep in mind that scraping has many variables to it and may cause the results to fluctuate case by case. There’s no one-size-fits-all-use-cases number. The maximum number of results may vary depending on the complexity of the input, location, and other factors. Some of the most frequent cases are:

  • website gives a different number of results depending on the type/value of the input
  • website has an internal limit that no scraper can cross
  • scraper has a limit that we are working on improving

Therefore, while we regularly run Actor tests to keep the benchmarks in check, the results may also fluctuate without our knowing. The best way to know for sure for your particular use case is to do a test run yourself.

How much will scraping Amazon Reviews cost you?

When it comes to scraping, it can be challenging to estimate the resources needed to extract data as use cases may vary significantly. That's why the best course of action is to run a test scrape with a small sample of input data and limited output. You’ll get your price per scrape, which you’ll then multiply by the number of scrapes you intend to do.

Watch this video for a few helpful tips. And don't forget that choosing a higher plan will save you money in the long run.

It is legal to scrape publicly available data such as product ratings, review descriptions, or the number of reactions to a particular review. You just need to be careful with personal data, specifically the reviewer's name and avatar, as these could be used to identify the user. You should only scrape and store this information if you have a legitimate reason to do so. Otherwise, keep the include personal information option as false ("includeGdprSensitive": false' in the JSON editor). Read our blog post on the legality of web scraping to learn more.

How do I use Amazon Reviews Scraper?

If you need some guidance on how to use Amazon Reviews Scraper, follow this short and simple step-by-step guide.

Input options

For input options, click on the input tab.

Output: sample dataset

2  "productAsin": "B08BHHSB6M",
3  "ratingScore": 4,
4  "reviewTitle": "Great experience, Read for a honest unbiased  however just a few things people should know",
5  "reviewUrl": "",
6  "reviewReaction": "21 people found this helpful",
7  "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2022",
8  "reviewDescription": "I declined to leave a unboxing video & picture on this one as its the 2nd device I've bought from this store/seller in a month, technically 3 in total from one of their affiliates. So , I'll start with delivery & packaging , in my profession ( CyberSec/OSINT  ) this is very important detail, it will typically tell the rest of your experience. They did great with shipping times, the got it to me early which is always welcomed and as promised came with a very generic charging block & cable and the device that's about it and it all works great!.  I will also say their after market packaging they used was actually very professional and looked great, sealed with care . There was some paperwork on the side I highly suggest reading as its about your warranty and thus is important.  Remember you pay for what you get, especially with Iphones. I use Android and IOS in business,  I bought a brand new 2021 NEW flagship android device for $320 less than this product but what I paid extra for was that Amazon renewed guarantee which not only promises your device to come with certain prerequisites like over 90% battery life etc BUT it comes with a one year warranty as well as a great return policy which is also a year. I saw alot of mixed reviews , and the details is where you need to look . This company/store did a great job. With its presentation,  Now I'm not going to go to deep I go i to a deep review on the device as a iphone is a iphone,  is a iphone. I have owned every model ,this was a replacement for me aside from business use. This would have been 5 stars all around given the check star system Amazon has in place However,  for example the battery I gave 4 stars, it did come with  90% battery in its bank but like most Iphones unless it's a new battery and has been conditioned ( charged ) properly the battery life is not great on any pro model unless it's the max versions but it will do most great and  as expected. The forest green was a color I loved and was out of stock when I bought it new so that was a nice  addition vs the green iphone 12 pro I have which a total different shade of green. So I bought a bundle , a recommended case and some tempered glass screen protectors,  I will say as they are sufficient,  I made a common mistake as I do like to pay for convienance these bundles are not always the most cost effective route. Do yourself a favor & look around, so  my total was about $730 , the phone itself was priced decent enough but remember that tax is going go be a least $50 added to the device. The phone came 100% Factory Unlocked as advertised and in great shape , the only blemish which I wasn't heartbroken about However for that kind of money and knowing how inexpensive it is to fix the glass as I've done it many of times, there was a decent scratch at the top near the top speaker HOWEVER, I am a tad OCD about things like that especially when spending  that kind of money and having actually bought 3 devices Factory Unlocked I have a high standard. I think most people wont take a 2nd look at it. Just a side note, the resell and value system of used Iphones especially are still very off in 2022 considering for another $150 I could've just bought the iPhone 13 NEW. That said, that has nothing to do with this seller or store just a observation as my business is in all tech. At the end of the day,I can o my fairly go off of what I git & my experience.  I am highly impressed and happy with this purchase. This store/seller took great care in its delivery time, its great packaging, everything came as advertised and product for all Intensive purposes is basically NEW. After 3 devices both IOS & Android , I would not hesitate to do business with this company again. Don't second guess these guys , in reality this was a 5 star sale . They did great business and as I said I was willing to pay more as yes you can find this de ice cheaper all day BUT you are gambling , when it co es to stuff like this I can't stress enough you get what you pay for. The device was perfect, again great presentation,  Factory unlocked,ive tested it on over 20 GSM carriers thus far and I paid for a great product but a peace of mind for a full year , it has a great warranty,  and I have no plans of a return but that option is there if you want it . They did great, I am happy and would buy again!",
9  "isVerified": true,
10  "variant": "Size: 256GBColor: Midnight GreenService Provider: UnlockedProduct grade: Renewed Premium",
11  "reviewImages": [
12    "",
13    "",
14    "",
15    "",
16    "",
17    ""
18  ],
19  "position": 1
22  "productAsin": "B08BHHSB6M",
23  "ratingScore": 5,
24  "reviewTitle": "Excellent condition and exactly as advertised",
25  "reviewUrl": "",
26  "reviewReaction": "2 people found this helpful",
27  "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2022",
28  "reviewDescription": "I needed to upgrade my phone, but new iPhones are due out soon and I didn't want to buy a NIB phone until that happens. The iPhone 11 Pro is a couple of years old, but it will meet my needs until I am ready to purchase the latest generation. I had recently bought this same model, used, on a popular reseller market site. The experience was terrible. The phone condition wasn't as good as it was advertised to be, not even close. The battery health was poor as well, again, a misrepresentation. I returned that phone immediately (more hassle) and bought one I am using now through Amazon. The experience was as different as night and day. This phone is in excellent condition, and the battery health meets the guaranteed minimum (over 80% capacity).I was confident in my purchase because I know that Amazon makes returns easy.  Didn't need to go there because the phone is great!",
29  "isVerified": true,
30  "variant": "Size: 64GBColor: GoldService Provider: UnlockedProduct grade: Renewed",
31  "reviewImages": [
32    "",
33    "",
34    "",
35    "",
36    "",
37    ""
38  ],
39  "position": 2
42  "productAsin": "B08BHHSB6M",
43  "ratingScore": 5,
44  "reviewTitle": "My wife was so happy",
45  "reviewUrl": "",
46  "reviewReaction": "5 people found this helpful",
47  "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2022",
48  "reviewDescription": "I got my wife this phone not only to finally get it into her head that apple makes a better phone then android but because she has been wanting an iPhone for as long as I have known her, Was hoping the battery life would have been better but with a renewed device you get what you get, I ended up paying the 70 dollars to put a new battery in the phone for her so now it is like a brand new phone. She is vary happy with it and now we aren't fighting over who uses android auto or apple car play lol.",
49  "isVerified": true,
50  "variant": "Size: 256GBColor: Space GrayService Provider: UnlockedProduct grade: Renewed",
51  "reviewImages": [
52    "",
53    "",
54    "",
55    "",
56    "",
57    ""
58  ],
59  "position": 3
62  "productAsin": "B08BHHSB6M",
63  "ratingScore": 4,
64  "reviewTitle": "Locked iPhone. Carrier does not match listing.",
65  "reviewUrl": "",
66  "reviewReaction": "One person found this helpful",
67  "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2022",
68  "reviewDescription": "iPhone is locked by a different carrier than what I listed in the product description. Specifically purchased from this listing for model and carrier.",
69  "isVerified": true,
70  "variant": "Size: 64GBColor: Midnight GreenService Provider: AT&TProduct grade: Renewed",
71  "reviewImages": [
72    "",
73    "",
74    "",
75    "",
76    "",
77    ""
78  ],
79  "position": 4

Need to find product pairs between Amazon and another online shop?

Try our AI Product Matcher. This AI model was created to compare items from different web stores, identifying exact matches and comparing real-time data obtained via web scraping. With the AI Product Matcher, you can use scraped product data to monitor product matches across the industry, implement dynamic pricing for your website, replace or complement manual mapping, and obtain realistic estimates against your competition for upcoming promo campaigns.

Most importantly, it is relatively easy to get started with (just follow this Product Matcher guide), and it can check thousands of pairs of products.

Integrations and Amazon Reviews Scraper

Last but not least, Amazon Reviews Scraper can be connected with almost any cloud service or web app thanks to integrations on the Apify platform. You can integrate with Make, Zapier, Slack, Airbyte, GitHub, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more. Or you can use webhooks to carry out an action whenever an event occurs, e.g. get a notification whenever Instagram API Scraper successfully finishes a run.

Using Amazon Reviews Scraper with the Apify API

The Apify API gives you programmatic access to the Apify platform. The API is organized around RESTful HTTP endpoints that enable you to manage, schedule, and run Apify actors. The API also lets you access any datasets, monitor actor performance, fetch results, create and update versions, and more.

To access the API using Node.js, use the apify-client NPM package. To access the API using Python, use the apify-client PyPI package.

Check out the Apify API reference docs for full details or click on the API tab for code examples.

Not your cup of tea? Build your own scraper

Amazon Reviews Scraper doesn’t exactly do what you need? You can always build your own! We have various scraper templates in Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript to get you started. Alternatively, you can write it from scratch using our open-source library Crawlee. You can keep the scraper to yourself or make it public by adding it to Apify Store (and find users for it).

Or let us know if you need a custom scraping solution.

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