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Match products across multiple e-commerce websites. Use this AI product matching Actor whenever you need to find matching pairs of products from different online shops for dynamic pricing, competitor analysis or market research.

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AI Product Matcher - Support others languages


Moscatelli opened this issue
9 months ago

What is the prediction of AI Product Matcher supporting other languages? I would like to use it for Portuguese language!

while this does not occur, what is the recommended palliative solution? would I have to translate my data from Portuguese to English and submit it to AI Product Matcher?

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Hi Eduardo, sorry for the delay, I was on a vacation. We currently don't plan on adding Portuguese language support unless there is a large enough demand for it. Do you have any estimate of the volume of Portuguese data you would process using the AI Matcher? As for what can be done in the meantime, you could try two things:

  1. As you suggested, translating the data to English and then using it in the Matcher
  2. Running the Matcher with the Portuguese data, the support is not strictly required Since we haven't tested either of those, I cannot guarantee what the performance will be, but depending on your use-case, it could still be useful.
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