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Match products across multiple e-commerce websites. Use this AI product matching Actor whenever you need to find matching pairs of products from different online shops for dynamic pricing, competitor analysis or market research.

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KeyError: "['name'] not in index"


dbwinger opened this issue
8 months ago

I'm struggling to get this set up right to just do a test run. I'm getting the error in the subject. Here are my "Attribute mappings":

2    "eshop1": {
3        "id": "SetID",
4        "name": "Name",
5        "price": "USRetailPrice",
6        "short_description": "tags",
7        "long_description": "description",
8        "code": [
9            "ImageFilename"
10        ]
11    },
12    "eshop2": {
13        "id": "asin",
14        "name": "title",
15        "price": "price/value",
16        "short_description": "title",
17        "long_description": "breadCrumbs",
18        "code": [
19            "asin"
20        ]
21    }
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Hi Daryl, there was a bug which occurred when somebody tried to use the same value (title) for more than one mapped attribute. It is now fixed and your input should be running just fine.

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