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Medium Earnings Scraper

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Scrapes latest earnings and presents in better format than the one on Medium stats What I need from your end are cookies that can be found in the network tab. Go to network tab in developer tools; find stats request and under request headers you'll find Cookie header.

Free trial for 2 days

Then $5.00/month

No credit card required now

Medium Earnings Scraper

Free trial for 2 days

Then $5.00/month

Use cases

Fetches earnings and presents in good format for preview. Also you can use my own UI to present the earnings:

Medium earnings

Just provide the default dataset link to the medium-earnings site and go for Fetch dataset.

Default dataset


You can enable or disable earnings fetching. Also you can enable or disable posts fetching. Otherwise the posts won't get refetched, and earnings won't get refetched.

Another thing needed is cookie from request headers in Medium requests. Here's how to find that information: Cookies


Default dataset is in the form:

[{ "title": "Experienced Developers Fix Their User Stories with These 3 Tips", "postId": "e21fd0611c7e", "link": "", "zippedStats": [ { "periodStartedAt": 1674864000000, "views": 20, "internalReferrerViews": 13, "memberTtr": 800, "amount": 0.34 }, { "periodStartedAt": 1674950400000, "views": 12, "internalReferrerViews": 12, "memberTtr": 1156, "amount": 0.5 }, { "periodStartedAt": 1675036800000, "views": 5, "internalReferrerViews": 4, "memberTtr": 0, "amount": 0 }, { "periodStartedAt": 1675123200000, "views": 2, "internalReferrerViews": 1, "memberTtr": 215, "amount": 0.09 }]

Also you get earnings and posts dataset as well.