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Start URLs


URLs to start with

Date Range


Scrape only in specific date range Date Can Only be is the formats

  • YYYY/M/D e.g. 2023/5/23 to get all the articles that have the same day

  • from YYYY/M/D to YYYY/M/D e.g. 2024/1/25 - 2024/1/30 to get a range of 5 days pay attention to the formate (spaces and characters) YYYY/M/D - YYYY/M/D

  • 25 days or 5 weeks or 3 months or 2 years only supported formates (day, week, month, year) this feature will always scrape from today's date till the date specified e.g. 2024/1/30 is today and you entered 5 days this will scrape from 2024/1/25 to 2024/1/30

  • if you don't care about the date and just want 100 aritcles, more or less just enter 'anytime' as a value e.g. anytime

  • Allowed Formats: 2023/1/25 - 2023/1/30 or 2020/5/26 or 3 days or anytime

  • Leave blank to scrape today's date articles

Maximum Articles Amount


Choose how many articles do you want

Default value of this property is 100

Proxy configuration


Specifies proxy servers that will be used by the scraper in order to hide its origin.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

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