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Contact Details Scraper Bundler

Contact Details Scraper Bundler

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Bundles any actor with Contact Details Scraper and enhances the original dataset with contact details.

Source ID or full-name (task, run or dataset)


The ID of the actor task, run or dataset of the source that will be enhanced with contact details. You can also used full name of the resource with username, e.g. billgates/my-task

Path to URL


The path to the URL in the actor's task result to use for the contact task

What field will be contact details be saved to?


The path to the results of the contact task to output

Default value of this property is "contactDetails"

Maximum pages per start URL


The maximum number of pages that will be enqueued from each start URL you provide.

Default value of this property is 20

Maximum link depth


The maximum number of links away from the Start URLs that the actor will crawl. If 0, the scraper will not follow any links. If empty or null, the scraper will follow links to an arbitrary depth.

Default value of this property is 2

Max parallel runs


Maximum number of Contact Details Scraper runs that will be started in parallel. This option will never exceed your account memory. Useful if you want the scrape to finish as soon as possible.

Default value of this property is 1



Proxy servers let you bypass website protections, avoid IP address blocking, and view content for other countries. Try to use a proxy if you are experiencing timeout errors.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

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