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Quora Scraper

Quora Scraper


Unofficial Quora API for scraping questions and answers for each question.

Search term


Quora will search for questions using this strings.

Language code


Provide preferred site language. If used, it will query [langcode].quora.com instead of www.quora.com, e.g. es.quora.com for Spanish.

Max answers per question


Depending on popularity of your query you may encounter questions with many thousands of answers. Scraping these will require a ton of requests, especially if there are many such questions. Set to 0 to avoid scraping questions altogether and to -1 to disable this limit. Current approximate batch of answers per request is about 46-50, so if you set this limit to a lower value, you'd still get this much answers.

Default value of this property is 100

Answers ranking


Sort answers by selected parameter. On original Quora website you can also include related answers with this option, but currently this isn't supported.

Value options:

"hide_relevant_answers": string"ranking_toggle_upvote": string"ranking_toggle_recency": string

Default value of this property is "ranking_toggle_upvote"

Use answer dataset


Whether to store all answers in a separate dataset for easier extraction.

Default value of this property is false

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler. NOTE: residential proxies may not work with this scraper. Leave to none to use no proxy (very fitting if you run locally on your machine, will be much faster).

Max pool size


Maximum number of sessions in the pool

Default value of this property is 10

Max age of each session


Maximum age of sessions in the pool

Default value of this property is 999999999

Max usage count of each session


Maximum number of times a session can be used

Default value of this property is 200

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