Kickstarter Location To Ids

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Helper actor which queries Kickstarter places and outputs a list of 10 location with their Kickstarter ID's (needed when querying Kickstarter by location).

Kickstarter Location To Ids

To query kickstarter by location you need to know the ID of the location, this Actor takes as an input a name of a location (eq. "Prague"), queries Kickstarter's places json endpoint and output's a list of up to 10 found locations with their ID's. It also stores additional details about found locations in a json file called OUTPUT in Key Value store.

This Actor requires proxy to work properly, please check that you have access to Apify Proxy, before you try to run it.


Input of this actor should be JSON containing a single property called query with a string value representing the location.

For example:

    "query": "Prague"

Run & Console output

While the Actor is running it will output either error message or the list of the found location. If the Actor fails with an error, then the error is immediately outputed and the process is ended.


When the Actor finishes it will create and OUTPUT file containing the additional details about each found location:

The structure of this output is:

locations (Array)
    - 0 (Object)
        - id (Number)
        - name (String)
        - slug (String)
        - short_name (String)
        - displayable_name (String)
        - localized_name (String)
        - country (String)
        - state (String)
        - type (String)
        - is_root (Boolean)
        - urls (Object)
    - 1 (Object)
        - ...
    - ...
total_hits (Number)

Example JSON of one location:

    "id": 796597,
    "name": "Prague",
    "slug": "prague-prague-prague",
    "short_name": "Prague, Czech Republic",
    "displayable_name": "Prague, Czech Republic",
    "localized_name": "Prague",
    "country": "CZ",
    "state": "Prague",
    "type": "Town",
    "is_root": false,
    "urls": {
        "web": {
            "discover": "",
            "location": ""


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