Amazon ASINs scraper

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This Actor is under maintenance.

This actor is under maintenance and it may unreliable.

Amazon ASINs scraper

Amazon ASINs scraper


7 days trial then $40.00/month - No credit card required now

Gets you product data from Amazon. Unofficial API. Scrapes and downloads product information without using the Amazon API, including reviews, prices, descriptions.

This changelog summarizes all changes of the Amazon Actors provided by the Junglee organization. The specific actors that are affected are listed for each change.


Features ('amazon-reviews')

  • Updated filterByRating to filterByRating*s* - now works as a multi-select field (e.g. ["fiveStar", "fourStar"])
    • The original filterByRating field still works the same way. You can still access it through the JSON input editor.

Reverted ('amazon-product')

  • Removed detailedInformation input field. Shouldn't affect any existing tasks. It was just removing these fields:
    • attributes, productOverview, and manufacturerAttributes
  • Added the useCaptchaSolver input field back. We've noticed some slight errors with it, you can turn it off if you experience any issues.
    • Amazon hides a few certain product fields, if the page loads after solving a captcha. Currently known and affected fields are:
      • attributes, manufacturerAttributes, and bestsellerRanks


Features ('amazon-product', 'amazon-sellers', 'amazon-bestsellers')

  • Added maxItemsPerStartUrl input field to limit the number of items to be scraped per each start URL
    • The original maxItems field still works the same way. You can still access it through the JSON input editor.


  • Added product.price & product.listPrice output fields to reviews
    • Note: these fields are tied to the review's product, not the review. We can add more product fields to the output but we don't want to bloat it with too many fields. If you need more product fields, please open an issue about it ;)


  • Added force country codes feature - you can select the country codes only for which you want to scrape the product. The Actor will retry with a different proxy if a page is loaded with the wrong country code.
    • Note: this feature is experimental and is only available through the JSON input editor under the forceCountryCodes field (string[]).


Fixes ('amazon-reviews')

  • Fixed extraction of reviewer's user avatar URL
  • Fixed max reviews limit not working properly (Amazon lowered the max review count per each review page)



  • Fixed issue with Amazon captcha solver not working properly


Fixes ('amazon-sellers')

  • Fixed pinned product offer price extraction



  • Fixed "Received unknown page layout" error for Gift Card product pages



  • Fixed the order of product's bestseller ranks in bestsellerRanks field.



  • Added book description extraction for products in the Books category under bookDescription field



  • Added tracking of product positions within their respective category/listing pages under categoryPageData field
    • categoryPageData: { productPosition: number, categoryUrl: string }



  • Added productOverview field with main product attributes


Fixes ('amazon-sellers')

  • Fixed certain seller pages not being parsed correctly



  • Added price to variantDetails field


Features ('amazon-sellers')

  • Add support for different seller URL format:


Features ('amazon-reviews')

  • new output field reviewCategoryUrl
    • holds URL of a category the review was extracted from (e.g. 4 star reviews category)
  • total numbers of ratings and reviews are injected into each review
    • totalCategoryRatings field holds the number of ratings for a given category
    • totalCategoryReviews field holds the number of reviews for a given category


Fixes ('amazon-reviews')

  • maxReviews limit is applied per each product separately


Fixes ('amazon-reviews')

  • Better handling of maxReviews limit
  • Fetching 20 reviews per XHR page instead of 10


Features ('amazon-reviews')

  • Rating filters
    • Reviews by stars, positive or critical reviews
    • filterByRating input field



  • Added more product images: galleryThumbnails and highResolutionImages
  • Added variantDetails with variant name, thumbnail and images
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