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📝 README [UPDATES] (sticky please)


cat (Jupri) opened this issue
10 months ago

STEP 1: INSTALL (required)

  • If this is first time using this actor, you required to run the actor through APIFY actor console, this is performed only once.
  • Open Live View Tab or visit URL displayed on the Log
  • Make sure the popup not blocked by your browser
  • Follow the popup Authorization steps.
  • Done

STEP 2: INTEGRATION (optional)

  • This actor can run as standalone or used for integration.
  • On your actor console select Integration Tab
  • Click Add Integration
  • On Generic integrations section click Connect Actor or Task
  • Choose what to connect search for Airtable Exporter and click connect
  • Input necessary parameters and click save
  • Run you actor as usual
  • Done


On your APIFY Key-Value storage delete store named paws-auth-v1 On AIRTABLE account menu click Integrations

enter image description here

Select Third-party Integration and click Dataset Manager @APIFY

enter image description here

Click Revoke Access

enter image description here


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cat (Jupri)

8 months ago

enter image description here

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