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Interact with Google Bard AI and save conversation to dataset

Welcome to Google Bard AI Scraper

About Google Bard AI

Bard is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google, based initially on the LaMDA family of large language models (LLMs) and later the PaLM LLM. It was developed as a direct response to the rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT, and was released in a limited capacity in March 2023 to lukewarm responses, before expanding to other countries.

Notes : Bard is still in its experimental phase (therefore also this Actor). Chatting with it and rating its responses will help improve the experience.

About This Actor

Use this Actor to send prompts to Google Bard AI or Interact with it, and save conversation to a Dataset.

This actor need a value from your cookies, otherwise it won't works.


How to get Bard Token (Cookie) value :

  • Access Google Bard AI homepage. (Google Account is needed)
  • Open Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I)
  • Go to Application Tab -> Storage -> Cookies ->
  • Search for a cookie named: __Secure-1PSID (this is your token)
  • The value is ended with a dot, example : WAgzxxx_Zhxxx_xxx_b7XX.
  • Then copy and paste.

Is it save to share this cookie (__Secure-1PSID) ?

I am totally have no clue. You just have to trust me, but please ask Google to make sure.


One step closer toward AI Global domination.

Example #1: Basic Usage

Sending prompts

3	"query": [
4		"What is Apify ?",
5		"Is Web Scraping legal ?",
6		"Who is Chuck Norris ?",
7		"Python vs NodeJS"
8	]

Example #2: Keeping The Conversation Context

Use keep_context parameter to maintain conversation context. When this is enabled, all queries (prompts) will be requested in sequence instead of using workers.

3	"keep_context": true,
4	"query": [
5		"Who is chuck norris ?",
6		"Where is he ?",
7		"How old is he ?"
8	]

Example #3: Attaching Images

You can attach image to corresponding prompts.

Important Notes :

  • image inputs must match prompt inputs. Use empty string ("") for prompt that doesn't need image.
  • Images links must be publicly accessible.
  • Supported image format : .jpg, png, webp

input :

2	"token":  "YOUR_BARD_TOKEN_VALUE",
3	"query":  [
4		"What's is Apify ?",
5		"Describe this image.",
6		"Read text from this image."
7	],
8	"image":  [
9		"",
10		"",
11		""
12	],

output :

2    {
3        "query": "What's is Apify ?",
4        "choices": [
5            {
6                "id": "rc_a00f5b248ce94fab",
7                "content": "Apify is a cloud platform that helps you build reliable web scrapers and automate anything you can do manually in a web browser. It is a serverless platform, which means that you don't need to worry about managing servers or infrastructure. You can simply focus on building your scrapers and automation tools.\n\nApify provides a variety of features that make it easy to build and deploy web scrapers and automation tools, including:\n\n* A powerful JavaScript engine that allows you to control the Chrome browser and interact with websites in any way you want.\n* A library of pre-built actors that can be used to automate common tasks such as scraping product information, extracting social media data, and converting PDFs to text.\n* A scheduler that allows you to run your scrapers and automation tools on a schedule.\n* A proxy network that allows you to scrape websites anonymously and reliably.\n* A storage service that allows you to store the data that you extract from websites.\n\nApify is used by a wide range of businesses and organizations, including startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. It is used to automate a variety of tasks, such as:\n\n* Scraping product information from e-commerce websites\n* Extracting social media data\n* Converting PDFs to text\n* Automating customer support tasks\n* Gathering market research data\n* Building data pipelines\n\nOverall, Apify is a powerful and versatile platform that can be used to automate any task that can be done manually in a web browser.\n\nHere are some examples of how Apify is used:\n\n* A company uses Apify to scrape product information from e-commerce websites and populate their own product catalog.\n* A marketing agency uses Apify to extract social media data from their clients' competitors and track their brand mentions.\n* A research firm uses Apify to scrape data from government websites and build a database of public records.\n* A customer support team uses Apify to automate tasks such as responding to common questions and generating reports.\n\nIf you are looking for a way to automate tasks on the web, Apify is a great option to consider."
8            }
9        ]
10    },
11    {
12        "query": "Describe this image.",
13        "choices": [
14            {
15                "id": "rc_867e5a2df31be738",
16                "content": "The image shows a colorful logo of the company Apify on a black background. The logo is a combination of geometric shapes and text. The main shape is a circle with a triangle inside it. The circle is colored blue, green, and purple, and the triangle is colored yellow. The text \"APIFY\" is written in white letters below the circle.\r\n\r\nThe overall impression of the logo is modern, playful, and creative. It is likely to appeal to a target audience of tech-savvy users who are interested in web scraping and automation."
17            }
18        ]
19    },
20    {
21        "query": "Read text from this image.",
22        "choices": [
23            {
24                "id": "rc_ef756a98597a5c81",
25                "content": "The text in the image is:\r\n\r\n**APIFY**\r\n\r\nThis is the logo of Apify, a company that provides web scraping and automation tools."
26            }
27        ]
28    }

Example #4: Interact directly (Web GUI)

You can interact with Google Bard AI directly through The Actor Web GUI using parameter: interactive=true

3	"keep_context": true,
4	"interactive": true,
5	"query": [
6		"What is Apify ?"
7	]

Accessing Web UI :

  • Open the URL displayed in console, or open Life View.
  • Type /quit to end conversation.
  • All Conversation results will be saved to the Actor default dataset.

enter image description here

Console Output :

1๐Ÿ“ Arguments :
2	โœ… query : ['What is Apify ?', 'Is Web Scraping legal ?', 'Who is Chuck Norris ?', 'Python vs NodeJS']
3	โœ… token : *******
4	โœ… interactive : True
5๐ŸŒ [server] <BARD> Server running on (path: None) ...
6๐ŸŒ [server] Server shutdown ...
7๐Ÿ˜ผ removing emptiness ...
8๐ŸŽ‚ 4 results available.
9๐Ÿ‘‹ Done.


JSON Output

2    {
3        "prompt": "What is Apify ?",
4        "answer": {
5            "content": "Apify is a company that provides a platform for web scraping, data extraction, and automation. It is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create and run bots that can automate tasks on websites. Apify offers a variety of tools and features that make it easy to create and run bots, including a web scraper, a data extraction tool, and a chatbot builder. Apify also offers a marketplace where users can find and share bots created by other users.\n\nApify is a popular tool for a variety of tasks, including:\n\n* Web scraping: Apify's web scraper can be used to extract data from websites. This data can be used for a variety of purposes, such as product research, price comparison, and market analysis.\n* Data extraction: Apify's data extraction tool can be used to extract data from documents, spreadsheets, and other files. This data can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and sales.\n* Chatbots: Apify's chatbot builder can be used to create chatbots that can interact with users on websites and in messaging apps. Chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer service, sales, and marketing.\n\nApify is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals.\n\nHere are some of the benefits of using Apify:\n\n* Easy to use: Apify is a very easy-to-use platform. Even if you have no experience with web scraping or automation, you can create and run bots with Apify.\n* Powerful: Apify is a very powerful platform. It offers a variety of features that make it possible to create bots that can do a wide range of tasks.\n* Scalable: Apify is a very scalable platform. You can create and run as many bots as you need without having to worry about performance or cost.\n* Cost-effective: Apify is a very cost-effective platform. The prices are very reasonable and there are no hidden fees.\n\nIf you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use platform for web scraping, data extraction, and automation, then Apify is a great option.",
6            "conversation_id": "c_8dc5fcb8bb486751",
7            "response_id": "r_8dc5fcb8bb486d1a",
8            "related": [
9                {
10                    "text": "Apify",
11                    "type": 1
12                },
13                {
14                    "text": "What is Apify used for?",
15                    "type": 4
16                },
17                {
18                    "text": "Is Apify SDK free?",
19                    "type": 4
20                }
21            ]
22        }
23    },
24    {
25        "prompt": "Is Web Scraping legal ?",
26        "answer": {
27            "content": "Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites using automated means. It is a legal activity in most jurisdictions, as long as the data being scraped is publicly available. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, it is illegal to scrape data that is protected by copyright or that is considered to be confidential. Additionally, some websites have terms of service that prohibit scraping. If you are unsure whether or not it is legal to scrape a particular website, it is best to contact the website owner for clarification.\n\nHere are some of the legal considerations for web scraping:\n\n* **Copyright law:** Copyright law protects original works of authorship, including text, images, and code. If you scrape data from a website that is protected by copyright, you may be infringing on the copyright holder's rights.\n* **Confidentiality:** Some data is considered to be confidential, such as trade secrets or personal information. If you scrape confidential data without permission, you may be liable for damages.\n* **Terms of service:** Many websites have terms of service that prohibit scraping. If you violate the terms of service, you may be subject to termination of your account or other penalties.\n\nIf you are considering web scraping, it is important to be aware of the legal considerations. By following the law, you can avoid potential legal problems.\n\nHere are some tips for legal web scraping:\n\n* Only scrape data that is publicly available.\n* Do not scrape data that is protected by copyright or that is considered to be confidential.\n* Respect the terms of service of the websites you are scraping.\n* If you are unsure whether or not it is legal to scrape a particular website, contact the website owner for clarification.\n\nBy following these tips, you can help to ensure that your web scraping activities are legal and ethical.",
28            "conversation_id": "c_53aafa5339848c48",
29            "response_id": "r_53aafa5339848acd",
30            "related": [
31                {
32                    "text": "Is Web Scraping legal ?",
33                    "type": 1
34                },
35                {
36                    "text": "Is web scraping legal in India?",
37                    "type": 4
38                },
39                {
40                    "text": "Can websites detect web scraping?",
41                    "type": 4
42                }
43            ]
44        }
45    },
46    {
47        "prompt": "Python vs NodeJS",
48        "answer": {
49            "content": "Python and Node.js are both popular programming languages that are used for a variety of tasks, including web development, data science, and machine learning. However, there are some key differences between the two languages that make them better suited for different purposes.\n\n**Python**\n\n* Python is a general-purpose language that is known for its simplicity and readability.\n* It is a compiled language, which means that it is converted to machine code before it is executed. This makes Python programs faster than interpreted languages, such as Node.js.\n* Python has a large and active community of developers, which means that there are a wide variety of libraries and tools available.\n* Python is often used for data science and machine learning applications.\n\n**Node.js**\n\n* Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that is used to create scalable and high-performance web applications.\n* It is an interpreted language, which means that it is executed line by line. This makes Node.js programs slower than compiled languages, such as Python.\n* Node.js has a large and active community of developers, which means that there are a wide variety of libraries and tools available.\n* Node.js is often used for real-time web applications, such as chat applications and video streaming applications.\n\n**Which language should you choose?**\n\nThe best language for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you are looking for a language that is simple, readable, and has a large community of developers, then Python is a good choice. If you are looking for a language that is fast and scalable, then Node.js is a good choice.\n\nHere is a table that summarizes the key differences between Python and Node.js:\n\n| Feature | Python | Node.js |\n|---|---|---|\n| Language type | General-purpose | JavaScript runtime environment |\n| Compilation | Compiled | Interpreted |\n| Speed | Faster | Slower |\n| Community | Large and active | Large and active |\n| Use cases | Data science, machine learning, web development | Real-time web applications, chat applications, video streaming applications |\n\nUltimately, the best way to decide which language is right for you is to try both of them and see which one you prefer.",
50            "conversation_id": "c_adfcf077433d325",
51            "response_id": "r_adfcf077433dbda",
52            "related": [
53                {
54                    "text": "Python vs NodeJS",
55                    "type": 1
56                },
57                {
58                    "text": "Which is faster Python or NodeJS?",
59                    "type": 4
60                },
61                {
62                    "text": "Is Node easier than Python?",
63                    "type": 4
64                }
65            ]
66        }
67    }

About Chuck Norris :

enter image description here

About Michael Jackson :

Maintain conversation context using keep_context = true

enter image description here


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