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Ca Court Interpreter

Ca Court Interpreter

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2 days trial then $15.00/month - No credit card required now

It is a powerful web scraping tool designed to extract key information about court interpreters from the California Courts website. It collects details such as name, language proficiency, counties of operation, contact info, and employment status, making it valuable for legal and language research.

California Court Interpreters Scraper

This is a web scraper created with Scrapy, a popular Python-based web scraping framework. It specifically targets the California Courts website, focusing on extracting information on court interpreters.

Data Collected

The scraper collects the following data for each interpreter:

  • Name
  • Language proficiency
  • Counties of operation
  • Contact Information (including home phone, work phone, cell phone, and e-mail)
  • Interpreter Status
  • Employment Status

An example output of the scraper would look like this:

2    "Name:": "x,y ",
3    "Language:": "American Sign Language",
4    "Counties:": "Los Angeles",
5    "Contact Information:": "\n",
6    "Home phone:": "not provided",
7    "Work phone:": " ",
8    "Cell phone:": "not provided",
9    "E-mail Address:": "",
10    "Interpreter Status:": "Active",
11    "Employment Status:": "Court Employee\n"
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