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Website Checker Runner Cheerio

Website Checker Runner Cheerio

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Checks the provided website using cheerio. This is a low level runner, most likely you want to use the high level master actor -

URLs to check


A static list of URLs to check for captchas. To be able to add new URLs on the fly, enable the Use request queue option.

For details, see Start URLs in README.

Proxy Configuration


Specifies proxy servers that will be used by the scraper in order to hide its origin.

For details, see Proxy configuration in README.

Default value of this property is {}



Will save HTML for Cheerio and HTML + screenshot for Puppeteer/Playwright

Link Selector


A CSS selector saying which links on the page (<a> elements with href attribute) shall be followed and added to the request queue. This setting only applies if Use request queue is enabled. To filter the links added to the queue, use the Pseudo-URLs setting.

If Link selector is empty, the page links are ignored.

For details, see Link selector in README.



Specifies what kind of URLs found by Link selector should be added to the request queue. A pseudo-URL is a URL with regular expressions enclosed in [] brackets, e.g.[.*]. This setting only applies if the Use request queue option is enabled.

If Pseudo-URLs are omitted, the actor enqueues all links matched by the Link selector.

For details, see Pseudo-URLs in README.

Default value of this property is []

Repeat checks on provided URLs


Will access each URL multiple times. Useful to test the same URL or bypass blocking of the first page.

Max number of pages checked per domain


The maximum number of pages that the checker will load. The checker will stop when this limit is reached. It's always a good idea to set this limit in order to prevent excess platform usage for misconfigured scrapers. Note that the actual number of pages loaded might be slightly higher than this value.

If set to 0, there is no limit.

Default value of this property is 100

Maximum concurrent pages checked per domain


Specifies the maximum number of pages that can be processed by the checker in parallel for one domain. The checker automatically increases and decreases concurrency based on available system resources. This option enables you to set an upper limit, for example to reduce the load on a target website.

Default value of this property is 50

Maximum number of concurrent domains checked


Specifies the maximum number of domains that should be checked at a time. This setting is relevant when passing in more than one URL to check.

Default value of this property is 5

Retire browser instance after request count


How often will the browser itself rotate. Pick a higher number for smaller consumption, pick a lower number to rotate (test) more proxies.

Default value of this property is 10

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