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Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper
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Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper

Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper

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Pay $10.00 for 1,000 results

Use this tool to scrape comprehensive profile and statistical player data from Transfermarkt. Download your data as JSON, CSV, Excel, XML,HTML, and RSS feed.


Try Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper for comprehensive player and statistical data.

Most comprehensive profile and statistical player data from

What does this Scraper do?

Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper enables you to extract data from

Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper needs only the player url to start.

Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper extracts ALL player profile and statistical data:

  • Profile Info = Age, Name ,DoB, Place of Birth,Citizenship,Jersey Number, Market Value, Height,Agency info,Main and Other Positions,League name and level, Joined Date and Images

  • Club Stats = Clubs, appearances,goals, assists and minutes

  • **Current Season Stats ** = competitions,appearances,goals, assists,minutes,red cards,yellow cards,second yellow cards and competition logos

  • National Team Stats = teams flags, teams, apps, goals, debut_date, and age at debut

Why scrape Transfermarkt

It has the largest player database in the world

How to scrape Transfermarkt

  1. Click on Try for free.
  2. Enter the Player URL you want to scrape.
  3. Click on Run.
  4. When Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper has finished its run, you can preview or download your data from the Dataset tab.

How much will it cost to scrape Transfermarkt?

You can get over 1000 results for less than US$10 using Comprehensive Transfermarkt Scraper. Apify gives you with $5 free usage credits every month on the Apify Free plan. So, you can get thousands of product results from Transfermarkt completely free!

But if you need to get more data regularly from Transfermarkt , considering subscribing to one of Apify's paid plans.



Tips for scraping Transfermarkt

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