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URL Redirects


Actor that takes a list of URLs and provides a list of loaded URLs after redirects

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For a list of input URLs, get a list of final URLs that are loaded after redirects.

Input parameters

Field Type Description
urlList String (Option 1) List of URLs. One per line.`
sources.requestsFromUrl (soon) String (Option 2) URL to a file with the list of URLs
crawlerOptionsOverrides Object Crawler options Overrides. [See for overrides ↗](


  "origionalUrl": "",
  "attemptedUrl": "",
  "loadedUrl": "",
  "loadedUrlNormalized": "",
  "isOk": true,
  "statusCode": 200,
  "statusText": "",
  "#errorMessage": "[<errors>]",
  "#isFailed": "<true/false>"