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Agoda Scraper

Agoda Scraper

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3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

The Agoda API crawls and extracts hotel data. This version brings data such as names, addresses, prices and things to do. Download your data in CSV, JSON and other formats.

Search Text


Enter the name of the place you want to search

Max Search Results


Max number of search results to be returned

Default value of this property is 10

Start URL's


Enter URL's of the pages you want to scrape.

Currency Code


Enter the currency code of the currency you wish to use.

Value options:

"USD": string"CAD": string"EUR": string"AED": string"AFN": string"ALL": string"AMD": string"ARS": string"AUD": string"AZN": string"BAM": string"BDT": string"BGN": string"BHD": string"BIF": string"BND": string"BOB": string"BRL": string"BWP": string"BYR": string"BZD": string"CDF": string"CHF": string"CLP": string"CNY": string"COP": string"CRC": string"CVE": string"CZK": string"DJF": string"DKK": string"DOP": string"DZD": string"EEK": string"EGP": string"ERN": string"ETB": string"GBP": string"GEL": string"GHS": string"GNF": string"GTQ": string"HKD": string"HNL": string"HRK": string"HUF": string"IDR": string"ILS": string"INR": string"IQD": string"IRR": string"ISK": string"JMD": string"JOD": string"JPY": string"KES": string"KHR": string"KMF": string"KRW": string"KWD": string"KZT": string"LBP": string"LKR": string"LTL": string"LVL": string"LYD": string"MAD": string"MDL": string"MGA": string"MKD": string"MMK": string"MOP": string"MUR": string"MXN": string"MYR": string"MZN": string"NAD": string"NGN": string"NIO": string"NOK": string"NPR": string"NZD": string"OMR": string"PAB": string"PEN": string"PHP": string"PKR": string"PLN": string"PYG": string"QAR": string"RON": string"RSD": string"RUB": string"RWF": string"SAR": string"SDG": string"SEK": string"SGD": string"SOS": string"SYP": string"THB": string"TND": string"TOP": string"TRY": string"TTD": string"TWD": string"TZS": string"UAH": string"UGX": string"UYU": string"UZS": string"VEF": string"VND": string"XAF": string"XOF": string"YER": string"ZAR": string"ZMK": string

Default value of this property is "USD"

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