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Having a problem with most recent reviews


GlomilTeknoloji opened this issue
2 months ago

I pulled nearly 10k hotels from the other Tripadvisor Scraper and then I pulled last 1 years reviews of those hotels. Now i need to track new reviews. So what should i do? i was creating runs with last 1 day but turns out its problematic.

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Sorry for breaking your workflow. Your use case is completely reasonable, but unfortunately it still requires the scraper to open all hotel review pages, even if 0 review are found. This has made our profit margins go into the negative.

You can still scrape the new reviews same as before, you will just have to filter out the "error" results for hotels with 0 relevant reviews.

You can also scrape the new reviews less frequently to save up on costs. E.g. only scrape once a week instead of every day.

Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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