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A scraper that extracts data from from base on Keywords and Locality. Scrape and download business information data as HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML.

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Yell Scraper

Free trial for 3 days

Then $30.00/month

What is Yell Scraper?

It's a tool that allows you to get information about local shops from UK's biggest business directory - Yell. Use this unofficial API to scrape ratings, reviews, opening hours, descriptions, contact details and address information of businesses in the UK.

How does it work?

Simply fill in the Business Type and Locality fields. Alternatively insert the URL from Yell in the Start URLs field. Set the Maximum Number of Results you want to scrape to limit the number of results to be returned. To change the order of results change the value Sort By field. To prevent bot detection, Fill in the Configure Proxies field with a proxy object.

{ "keywords": "Bakeries", "location": "London", "sortBy": "relevance", "maxResults": 250, "proxyConfiguration": { "proxyUrls": ["", ""] } }

Sample input with Start URLs

{ "startUrls": [ { "url": "" } ], "maxResults": 50, "proxyConfiguration": { "useApifyProxy": true } }

For all input fields, please check the input tab.


The scraper returns an array of objects that can downloaded in the following formats: JSON, CSV, XML, EXCEL, HTML Table and RSS

Sample Output as JSON

{ "Url": "", "Name": "Bandera Ltd", "Tagline": "", "StarRating": "4.0", "TotalRatings": "1 Rating", "BusinessHours": "Now closed", "StreetAddress": "2 Ridgefield", "City": "Manchester", "PostalCode": "M2 6EQ", "PhoneNumber": "0161 833 9019", "Website": "", "Reviews": [ { "id": "47199", "name": "Richard1Report review", "profile": "", "ratingValue": "4", "reviewTitle": "Tapas with style", "reviewBody": "My party of four took advantage of an offer of five tapas dishes and a bottle of wine for two for £35 all in. The food was fine and varied, from smoked salmon and excellent king prawns through patatas bravas to fish croquettes and meat balls. The wine was good ordinary Spanish. The proprietor (Spanish, I think) served, and was friendly and usually could be called when required. I suggested to him that, next time, he brought the food out in stages (as happens in Spain), rather than in one big rush. We were early diners, so the place was rather quiet - it will probably have more buzz at busy times.", "datePublished": "07 Oct 2009" } ] }