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Skool Members Scraper

Skool Members Scraper

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Pay $20.00 for 1,000 members/users

Boost your business leads with our Groups' Members/Users Scraper. Gather user details like names, emails, and social media links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). It is ideal for market research, competitor analysis, and lead generation. Save time with our advanced scraper. Members/Users Scraper


Unleash the full potential of data with our Groups' Members/Users Scraper. Gather extensive users details such as first and last name, email, user's links to: facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, website, youtube and etc. This tool is designed to automate the data extraction process, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information for market research, competitor analysis, and lead generation. Save time and resources by leveraging our advanced scraper to explore's vast database of user/member profiles.


  • Multiple Page Scraping: Capable of scraping data from a variety of page URLs. Input can either be formatted as{group-name}/-/members or you can directly copy and paste the skool's members URL.
  • Authentication Requirement: To enable more extensive scraping capabilities, users are required to log in using cookie-based authentication and you need to be member or part of the group that you want to scrape.
  • Customizable Configuration: Offers adjustable settings to cater to a wide range of data extraction requirements.

How to Use

  1. Set Up: Create an account on Apify if you haven't already, and navigate to the Ultimate Indeed Scraper actor.
  2. Install EditThisCookie chrome extension.
  3. Login to your Linkedin account
  4. While you are on Linkedin tab, Click on the extension and export the cookies
  5. Paste the cookies to this actor's Cookie input field
  6. Specify the Skool's members URL you want to scrape. Input your URLs in the format{group-name}/-/members. You can add multiple URLs for a broader scraping scope
  7. (Optional) Customize Settings: Adjust the scraper settings to your preference, including the max number of listings to scrape, maximum concurrency, include admin users when scraping, minimum concurrency, max request retries and any specific data fields you wish to collect.
  8. (Optional)Bypass Site Protection: In order to bypass the protection of the site, use residential proxies from the country where you are scraping from. This approach helps in mimicking the behavior of a regular user from that region, minimizing the risk of detection and blocking.
  9. Run the Scraper: Launch the scraper on the Apify platform. You can monitor its progress and adjust settings as needed.
  10. Data Collection: Extracted data will be available in your preferred format, with support for JSON, HTML, CSV, Excel, and other formats provided by Apify.

Input Data

To initiate a search, you can provide input data in JSON format. Below is an example configuration for scraping agents with proxies and max items set to 100 and etc:

2    "startUrls": [
3        {
4            "url": ""
5        }
6    ],
7    "maxConcurrency": 10,
8    "minConcurrency": 1,
9    "maxRequestRetries": 10,
10    "maxItems": 100,
11    "proxyConfiguration": {
12        "useApifyProxy": true
13    }

Output Structure

The scraper outputs data in the following structure:

2    "id": "4a24a427197a4bbc85e5885b428a2c97",
3    "name": "user-handle",
4    "metadata": {
5        "bio": "Entrepreneur",
6        "chatRequest": 1,
7        "lastOffline": 1717342221380186600,
8        "linkFacebook": "omitted",
9        "linkInstagram": "omitted",
10        "linkLinkedin": "omitted",
11        "linkTwitter": "omitted",
12        "linkWebsite": "omitted",
13        "linkYoutube": "omitted",
14        "location": "omitted",
15        "myersBriggs": "omitted",
16        "pictureBubble": "",
17        "pictureProfile": "",
18        "spData": "{\"pts\":0,\"lv\":1,\"pcl\":0,\"pnl\":5,\"role\":4}"
19    },
20    "createdAt": "2023-07-10T19:44:30.97666Z",
21    "updatedAt": "2024-06-02T15:30:21.357076Z",
22    "email": "",
23    "firstName": "Justa",
24    "lastName": "Virviciu",
25    "member": {
26        "id": "ebf0a6e7a2604acd87faba52f604d88c",
27        "metadata": {
28            "requestedAt": 1717318750118407000
29        },
30        "createdAt": "2024-06-02T08:59:10.117196Z",
31        "updatedAt": "2024-06-02T15:30:21.394724Z",
32        "userId": "4a24a427197a4bbc85e5885b428a2c96",
33        "groupId": "084f62bdfd304b36a03cdc3dd0e55ea2",
34        "role": "member",
35        "approvedAt": "2024-06-02T14:49:13.128522Z",
36        "lastOffline": "2024-06-02T15:30:21.394724Z"
37    }

Support and help:

2Report an issue
3Share your experience
4Request customization:
5If you need anything else scraped, or this actor customized email me:
6If you'd like an API of this service (no apify fee, just usage fee for the API), contact me:
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