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Apollo Easy Scrape 3

Apollo Easy Scrape 3


Apollo.io Easy Scraper Guide

The Apollo.io Easy Scraper is a straightforward tool designed to efficiently collect leads for your cold email campaigns. By following these steps, you can gather thousands of emails and contacts, helping you to expand your business outreach.

How to Use the Apollo.io Easy Scraper

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Step 1: Create Your Apollo.io Account

  • Account Type: Register for a business account on Apollo.io.
  • Benefits: Enjoy up to 10,000 free email verifications each month.
  • Email Requirement: Use a business email for registration (domains other than generic ones like Gmail or Yahoo).

Step 2: Build Your Leads List

  • List Creation: Compile a list of leads within Apollo.io.

  • Note on Scrapping Limitation: Due to recent security updates, direct scraping is limited. Lists are used for enriching and exposing emails.

  • Maximum List Size: Ensure your list does not exceed 2,500 leads, as this is the maximum viewable amount on Apollo.io.

  • Tip: Select "Verified Emails" during list creation to ensure inclusion of contacts with verified email addresses.

  • Tip: Use multiple accounts to make multiple lead lists per day. Apollo.io can temporarily ban you for adding more than 2k leads a day so be careful.

Step 3: Operate the Scraper

  • Credentials Input: Enter your Apollo.io account email and encrypted password into the Apify scraper.
  • Security: The encryption ensures your password remains secure and inaccessible.
  • List URL: Input the URL of the list created in Step 2.
  • Scraper Execution: Click 'Start' to begin scraping.
  • Processing Time: It takes approximately 10 minutes to scrape every 500 contacts.
  • Export: Once completed, you can export your list of leads from the scraper.

Need Assistance?

For additional support or inquiries, feel free to reach out. You can follow me and contact me through:

Feel free to direct message or leave a comment for any questions or feedback.

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