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Not working


Sree59 opened this issue
6 days ago

The task aborts: 2024-05-11T13:28:07.225Z ACTOR: Pulling Docker image of build ixKtH9D7oyCnmfDqR from repository. 2024-05-11T13:28:08.219Z ACTOR: Creating Docker container. 2024-05-11T13:28:08.507Z ACTOR: Starting Docker container. 2024-05-11T13:28:11.045Z INFO Initializing actor... 2024-05-11T13:28:11.047Z INFO System info ({"apify_sdk_version": "1.6.0", "apify_client_version": "1.6.3", "python_version": "3.11.8", "os": "linux"}) 2024-05-11T13:28:11.111Z 2024-05-11T13:28:11.544Z INFO Found and saved 0 LinkedIn URLs based on the keywords across 1 pages. 2024-05-11T13:28:11.547Z INFO Exiting actor ({"exit_code": 0})

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