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Daily Run Via API For Specific Roles


Chambiar opened this issue
6 months ago

Hello, I am trying to figure out if we can set up a daily task so that we can make a request to run a scrape but for specific roles that can change daily. The requested roles will depend on demand from our users. So for example if we have 1000 users who want engineering roles and 500 who want mechanic on Monday but on Tuesday we have 300 cashiers and 500 welder, is that possible? How could we set this up so its autonomous?

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Hi, there are several ways to do it:

  1. You can use API to run the Actor: Assuming you have an array of roles for the current day, for each requested role send POST request to<YOUR_APIFY_TOKEN> and specify input in the body:
2    "country": "US",
3    "followApplyRedirects": false,
4    "maxConcurrency": 1,
5    "maxItems": 5,
6    "parseCompanyDetails": false,
7    "position": "<REQUESTED_ROLE>",
8    "saveOnlyUniqueItems": true

Alternatively you can run the Actor only once, where all requested roles are put in position separated by comma : "position": "engineer, cashier, welder".

  1. Another approach would be to create a task, where you set non-changing parameters of the run (for examle country or maxItems). Then, similarly to running the actor, you send POST request to<YOUR_INDEED_TASK>/runs?token=<YOUR_APIFY_TOKEN> and specify position in the body:
2    "position": "<REQUESTED_ROLE>"
  1. You could also create a task for each role, but that would be overkill if you have many roles.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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