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Scrape jobs posted on Indeed. Get detailed information from this job portal about saved and sponsored jobs. Specify the search based on location with the output attributes position, location, and description.

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Same inputs, completely different outuput


MatteoFClay opened this issue
21 days ago

Hey! Thanks for your help. I have run the actor before and got 500 results. I have made a task based on the search, and now after running it again multiple times, I keep only getting 25 results.

The inputs are exactly the same! What can I do to get the full 500 again, in the task?

Task is the Indeed Scraper-Call Centre.

Thanks a lot

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Hi! Following the URL it indeed outputs ~25 results. I could guess that it's because of a recent update that enabled scraping quoted search terms (I think they result in fewer exact matches). Could you check if 500 result run had quotes or not? Maybe remove quotes? In the end, even if it had quotes, a change on Indeed's end could cause the search behaviour to change and there's nothing we can do

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