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Scrape jobs posted on Indeed. Get detailed information from this job portal about saved and sponsored jobs. Specify the search based on location with the output attributes position, location, and description.

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Want to crawl 400 results, stops at 1


apify_recruitiflow opened this issue
13 days ago


the crawler has recently stopped displaying the full results, unfortunately none at the moment, although I want 400 results.

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Hi. Looking at your run, I see there is no search input. Make sure to enter something into "Positions/keywords for search" or "Start URLs (Advanced options). You current input looks like this:

2  "country": "DE",
3  "followApplyRedirects": true,
4  "maxConcurrency": 5,
5  "maxItems": 300,
6  "parseCompanyDetails": true,
7  "saveOnlyUniqueItems": true

so add e.g. "position": "job" field

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