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Xmls To Dataset


This act loads list of urls from INPUT.sources. Each of these links should point to a xml file. It downloads all the files and saves them to it's default dataset. Groups parameter in INPUT allows to choose Apify proxy groups to use.

To run the code examples, you need to have an Apify account. Replace <YOUR_API_TOKEN> in the code with your API token.

const Apify = require('apify');

// Set API token
Apify.client.setOptions({ token: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>' });

// Prepare actor input
const input = {};

// Run the actor
const run = await'mtrunkat/xmls-to-dataset', input);

// Print actor output (if any)

// Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if any)
console.log('Results from dataset');
const dataset = await Apify.openDataset(run.defaultDatasetId, { forceCloud: true });
await dataset.forEach(async (item, index) => {
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