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Execution To Knack


Act for inserting crawler execution results into Knack database.

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Execution To Knack

Apify act for inserting crawler results into Knack database.

This act fetches all results from a specified Apifier crawler execution and inserts them into a view in Knack database.


Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    // crawler execution id
    "_id": EXECUTION_ID,
    // knack connection credentials
    "data": {
        "view": KNACK_VIEW,
        "scene": KNACK_SCENE,
        "appId": KNACK_APP_ID,
        "apiKey": KNACK_API_KEY,
        "schema": TRANSFORM_SCHEMA  // optional

The act can be run with a crawler finish webhook, in such case fill just the contents of data attribute into a crawler finish webhook data.

It is possible to transform the crawler column names into the Knack field names using a transform schema. This is what the optional schema attribute is for, it is a simple object with the following structure.

    "col_name_1": "field_001",
    "col_name_2": "field_002",